New ship models

So I’m working on the ships again. We decided to completely restart from scratch. First off we didn’t like the designs of the previous ship prototypes we made. They didn’t feel authentic enough. So we went back to the drawing board to itterate some more. But one other reason was that gameplay flow could be improved upon quite a bit as well. One big decision that came out of this is that we will be placing all the broadside cannons on the main deck of each ship. We tried placing cannons on a lower deck of a bigger ship, but this created a pretty claustrophobic feeling. Our game is viewed from a 3rd person perspective which adds a certain level of dificulty to designing ships and quite a few limitations. But there are still more than enough options. For example we decided to design each layer of a ship with a specific height in mind. We want every ceiling to be roughly the same height, a comfortable height thats give enough breathing space when a player is under it. We don’t want to give the feeling that the camera is constantly bumping against the ceiling. One other thing is that we made a few prototypes but never really kept general size in mind. Meaning that each ship was designed without actually comparing it with other ships, which created an unbalanced size difference that didn’t look good. So from now on we are designing each ship next to our other ships. We made a test environment to build our ships right next to the each other. This way we can constantly compare and walk around on them to see how everything feels and looks. This will greatly help make every ship unique and awesome but also give them great gameplay flow.


To start off we decided to design our first two ships alongside each other. The big ship is a war galleon which hosts 6 guns on each broadside and 2 stern chasing cannons in the back. 14 guns in total. The 2 most front guns on the ship are slightly rotated to the front giving them a slightly wider range.


The second ship is a gunboat. One of the smallest vessels in the game except for an even smaller ship that will have only 1 gun per side and no back cannons. The gunboat however is equiped with 2 guns on each side and 1 stern chaser. Unlike the Galleon which is heavily armored, the gunboat is built for speed and has much less hit points and fire power but has superior turning and sailing speed.


Both ships are still very much work in progress and only still in blockout phase but their layout and designs are already vastly better than any other prototype we ship we had up to now. Now that the design phase is almost complete I will start decorating the gunboat first.


Some other ship types we have planned:

  • Schooner (long hull, 4+ cannons/ broadside, no stern or front chasers, very fast)
  • Frigate (flat hull, 6+ cannons/broadside, no stern or front chasers, heavy armor)
  • Treasure Galleon (square design, 6+ cannons/side, front + back chasers, heavy armor)
  • Sloop (medium size, fast, 3+ guns per side, stern chasers)
  • Junk ship (oriental design, special weapon, 3+ broadsides, …)
  • Ship of the line (very large, cannon towers on each end, heavy armor, ..)

We will have a total of around 10 ship and probably more will follow as we update the game beyond release. There will also be special editions of every ship that you will be able to get from random boss ship spawns or rare vendors.

More updates on their progress will follow…


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